English version – The california spade bit horse

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The ancient art used by Vaqueros California to train the horse.



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Author: Mino Spadacini.
Illustrations: Mino Spadacini.
Compiled: Anna Scolari.
Translated: Arabella Bedini Rodriguez.

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icona-facebook.jpgMino Spadacini’s Book – The California Spade bit Horse

    • Type: California Horse Riding
    • Illustrated book
    • For general audiences and passionate

Page: 160
Size: 21×23 cm
Weight: 600 gr

The first book written in Italy and now translated in english, that reveals the secrets of how to use and train a horse with the use of the Hackamore and Spade Bit (an ancient, magical, and fine art of Spanish origin) methods. Mino Spadacini puts on paper all the lessons he learned during his time in California while in direct contact with the last of the Vaqueros, whose secrets are still handed down from father to son.
The book contains over 120 original drawings accompanied by the author’s signature that describe the various steps to follow to make a horse a true Bridle Horse.
Various technical and detailed tables address topics such as giving shape to a Bosal, how to create the Mecate knots (horsehair rope), and preparing a Santa Barbara Spade Bit (classic spade bit of the California Vaqueros).
Verba volant, scripta manent (Words fly, writings remain)! That’s why Mino Spadacini wanted to put in writing everything his master George Rose (one of the last Vaqueros) taught him in the 70s during his time spent in the California Style world.
Mino believes it would have been a shame to lose all of these precious secrets that would have become “volant”, or disappeared over time.
Do not underestimate the value of 120 beautiful designs: Mino Spadacini is considered a guru for his artistic talent, especially in the tattoo world.
In short, this is a must-see text for all fans of this charming and elegant ride: a book to read at home and then put into practice in the saddle.
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